The AI platform for in-store customer analytics

Start gathering customer data to inform your marketing and operations in-store. Connect your customers to campaigns to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.


Analytics platform, redefined.

Three key parts make up the Shoppar platform all rolled
into a single, easy to use intuitive interface.

Customer analytics

facial analytics software is at the core of our platform capturing age, gender, mood and engagement in a split second.

Data dashboards

all data collected has intelligent algorithms integrated for fast insights.

Content delivery

patented intelligent content delivery allows our clients to auto pilot their marketing campaigns.

Simple, yet revolutionary

Easy to use data platform powered by intelligent algorithms to
make turning data into actionable insight a breeze.

Brands we work with

Bringing customer insights to world class brands is fun and
challenging so our exceptional team is always on form

Meet our talented team

We have a diverse team with experience in marketing,
advertising, software, hardware and data science.

Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Founder & CEO

20 years in advertising and marketing in retail working for large agencies and brands. 3 years experience on the POPAI board.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar


Full stack developer with 10 years image recognition and machine learning expertise. Innovating cutting edge software everyday.

Kris Milne

Kris Milne


Developed trading algorithms for Credit Suisse and an expert in deep data science. Making turning big data
into insight look easy.



Data Scientist

Worked with NASA to visualise data on how the sun affects weather. Creating beautiful dashboards to make our clients look amazing.

Paola Cortina

Paola Cortina

Sales Manager

Sales expert with experience in the Americas and Europe selling B2B Tech products for Paddle and IncreaseCard.

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